Anne-Catherine Boes was 32 years old when she was told she had an incurable disease. She was a young lady and mother of two children. Together with her family and specialists she decided to go all out in her efforts to get better. For one whole year, her life centred around beating this illness, (breast)cancer. At first, she even seemed to succeed and Anne-Catherine picked up her life where she left off.

However, when cancer struck back, Anne-Catherine changed tack completely. Instead of letting the illness getting the better of her, she resolutely took control. She decided to keep on doing what she had started during the year of her treatment: a personal search for ways to teach her body and mind to protect themselves and so defeat the illness. During the subsequent years, Anne-Catherine read hundreds of books, attended numerous workshops and courses, and she communicated worldwide with specialists, professors and spiritual leaders.

She wrote down her experiences in a manuscript of more than five hundred pages. This book is a summary of that. It has been carefully composed by Anne- Catherine’s family and her publisher. This book aims to be a mirror for us all: take your fate into your own hands, live life to the full and enjoy every day.